The Marek Family

 Postdoctoral Associates


Heiko 2017Dr. Heiko Sommer


Heiko was born and raised in Hannover, Germany. After graduating from highschool he completed an apprenticeship as laboratory assistant (‘Chemielaborant’) at Solvay Pharmaceuticals/Abbott Laboratories before studying chemistry at the University of Hannover.


Juliette 2017Dr. Juliette Sabbatani

After obtaining a master degree at the university of Lyon (France) Juliette joined the group of Prof. Nuno Maulide at the Max Planck Institute in Mülheim an der Rhur (Germany) for her doctoral studies.


Morgan 2017Dr. Morgan Cormier


Morgan Cormier was born in 1989 in Rouen, France. He received his Master degree in Nancy (France) under the direction of Prof. Fort and Dr. Comoy. Then he moved to Rouen University (France) to receive his PhD under the guidance of Dr. Maddaluno and Dr. De Paolis.


Longyang 2017Dr. Longyang Dian


Longyang was born in 1988 in Henan province of China. He received in 2010 his BSc Degree in chemistry from Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU, Guangzhou, P. R. China), followed by a MSc under the guidance of Prof. Xiaoguang Lei as a joint graduate student from the School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (SPST), Tianjin University and from National Institute of Biological Science, Beijing (NIBS). During his master, he studied the total synthesis of sesquiterpenoids, medicinal chemistry and chemical biology.


Jian Qiang 2017Dr. Jian-Qiang Huang


Jian-Qiang was born in 1987 in Jiangxi (China). He obtained his B.Sc in chemistry from Zhejiang University in 2010.


Kumar 2017Dr. Kumar Gunda GKS Narayana


Dr. Gunda GKS Narayana Kumar was born in Errampalli-Village, Andhra Pradesh, India. He studied chemistry at Andhra University in Visakhapatnam, where he received his B.Sc. in 2001 and his M.Sc. in 2003. He received a research fellowship after qualifying for the CSIR National Eligibility Test (NET) and joined the research group of Dr. J. S. Yadav FNA, FTWAS (Director) at the CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad, India.


David 2017Dr. David Pierrot


David was born in Boulogne-Billancourt, France in 1986. In 2011, he graduated from Montpellier 2 University and Montpellier's Graduate School of Chemistry (ENSCM). Following the Mediterranean seashore he moved to Marseille to do a Ph.D. on total synthesis and organocatalysis under the joint supervision of Prof J. Rodriguez and Dr. D. Bonne.



Sukhdev 2017Dr. Sukhdev Singh


Sukhdev was born in Sirsa, Haryana (India) in 1980. He graduated from Govt. National Collage, Sirsa (affiliated to Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra) in 2002 and then he completed M.Sc. in Chemistry from University of Delhi. After finishing post-graduate, he spend six month in Jubilant Chemsys Limited, a CRO industry situated in Noida (UP).


Fa Guang 2017Dr. Fa-Guang Zhang

Fa-Guang was born in 1987 in Shandong (China). He obtainedhis B.Sc in applied chemistry from Tianjin University in 2009. Subsequently, he started the doctoral study of organic chemistry in a direct way under the supervision of Prof. Jun-An Ma in the department of chemistry in Tianjin University.


Graduate Students


Jeffrey 2017Jeffrey Bruffaerts


Jeffrey Bruffaerts was born in 1990 in Brussels (Belgium). He graduated from the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium) where he was awarded his MSc degree in chemistry (cum laude, specialization in organic and medicinal chemistry) in June 2013.


 Marwan SimaanMarwan 2017


Marwan Simaan was born in 1986 in Nazareth, Israel. After graduating from Saint Joseph high school in Nazareth,he completed his undergraduate studies in chemistry at the Hebrew university of Jerusalem in 2009. 


Peter 2017Peter, Yong Wang


Peter, Yong Wang was born in Shanxi China on 08/09/1988. He was granted the M. Sc. degree in Organic Chemistry from East China Normal University under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Haihong Wu.



Former Ph.D. and M.Sc. Students


  1. Lina Judkele
  2. Tiran Berkovitz
  3. Elvira Haimov
  4. Maya Preshel
  5. Dr. Polina Smirnov
  6. Liron Oskar
  7. Dr. Yury Minko
  8. Biana Island
  9. Dr. Ahmad Masarwa
  10. Tamara Zabrodski
  11. Dr. Tom Mejuch
  12. Dr. Noga Gilboa
  13. Liat Frid
  14. Dr. Rozalia Unger
  15. Dr. Alexander Shternberg
  16. Dr. Anat Levin
  17. Fritz Weisser (2008)
  18. Einav Hadad (2008)
  19. Dr. Adi Abramovich (2008)
  20. Dr. Helena Chechik (20007)
  21. Dr. Genia Sklute (2007)
  22. Dr. Nicka Chinkov (2005)
  23. Dr. Elinor Zohar (2005)
  24. Dr. Daniella Banon-Tene (2005)
  25. Irina Zouev (2003)
  26. Amal Shibli (2002)
  27. Shahera Farhat (2002)
  28. Dr. Hadi Rezaei (2000)
  29. Dr. Stephanie Norsikian (1999)
  30. Dr. Denis Brasseur (1998)
  31. Dr. Edwige Lorthiois (1997)
  32. Dr. Benoit Folleas (1997)
  33. Dr. Isabelle Creton (1996)
  34. Dr. Sophie Klein (1995)
  35. Dr. Christophe Meyer (1994)
  36. Dr. Dov Beruben



Former Postdoctoral Associate


  1. Dr. Nicolas Germain
  2. Dr. Daniel Muller
  3. Dr. Khriesto A. Shurrush
  4. Dr. Veronika Warner
  5. Dr. Alexander Vasseur
  6. Dr. Markus Labeling
  7. Dr. Pavel Starkov
  8. Dr. Hendrik Eijsberg
  9. Dr. Roxane vabre
  10. Dr. Guillaume Eppe
  11. Dr. Dorian Didier (2012)
  12. Dr. Pierre-Olivier Delaye (2012)
  13. Dr. Morgane Pasco (2012)
  14. Dr. Camille Oger (2011)
  15. Dr. Ahmad Basheer (2011)
  16. Dr. Bishnu Dutta (2010)
  17. Dr. Samah Simaan (2010)
  18. Dr. Jaya Prakash Das (2009)
  19. Dr. Jos P. Varghese (2001)
  20. Dr. Annie Liard (2000
  21. Dr. Natalia Vais-Morlender (2000)
  22. Dr. Swapan Majumdar
  23. Dr. Deborah Amsallem (2002)
  24. Dr. Philippe Bertus
  25. Dr. Arindam Chakraborty (1999)
  26. Dr. Claudia Averbuj (1998)